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Homemade Natural Soft Drink

Soft drinks cool, yes, but so does water, which should be our priority in terms of fluid consumption. I understand that many like the flavors, textures and colors of soft drinks, so I propose three types of homemade soft drinks similar to commercial ones but with better ingredients.

All are very easy to make and vary to taste. They also come out much cheaper than purchased.


Surely think about these when we talk about soft drinks: in general all carbonated drinks such as cola, orange, lemon, etc.

If you like cold drinks with bubbles you can make them at home instead of buying them,
For this you have a couple of options.


You can make a lot of flavors using, as a base, sparkling water, which is added at the time of serving to keep that bubbly touch we are looking for.

To make it look like a commercial soda we will have to use homemade syrups with the juices or flavors that we want, so that with a small amount a lot of flavor and sweetness is given to an entire glass (which will be 80% sparkling water). When making the syrup we concentrate the juice, the sugar and the flavor, reducing it with heat, so when we add the water it is diluted and mixed by coloring and flavor raising the entire drink.

The problem of making a soda is that we are doing the same thing they sell us: sugar water with color. It’s not very healthy. As an alternative it is better to beat fleshy, cold fruits from the fridge, put them in the glass and add the sparkling water.



100 g blackberries
400 ml of sparkling water (unopened) cooled in the refrigerator
Optional, to serve: 4-5 frozen blackberries and lemon wedges


Beat the blackberries with the blender until a fine puree remains.
Put the puree in the serving glasses and quickly pour the sparkling water.
Add some frozen blackberries and lemon rajitas (optional) for more flavor.
Serve immediately.

They are small machines that work with very simple CO2 charges, which add this
Drink gas in the bottle. They can be juices, smoothies, smoothies, teas,
infusions, the lighter and less viscous, the better.
The good thing about these machines is that they allow you to carbonate any homemade beverage, and the bad
is that if it is not something you do very often or in a lot, it will become
in an unusable dish. To make soda with these machines you have to follow the
instructions marked by the manufacturer. Depending on the model each CO2 charge can
give for several liters, so we can prepare waters with different flavors and then
put gas on them, also try teas and infusions (cold).


With normal water, fruits and herbs we can make very flavored waters
refreshing And it would be, hopefully this information will be useful, greetings.

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