All the Fruits and Vegetables that you imagine with the best quality and a studied traceability.


With the HPP system, cold pressure, the best fruits and vegetables converted into natural juices.


Fresh fruit, washed, peeled and ready to drink in this beautiful container.


Fruits and Vegetables IV Gama, I Gama and Juices for your business.


Millions of vitamins travel here

All our Fresquitos products are made with quality fruits and vegetables.

bocados fresquitos

IV Gama

Fresquitos bits has a wide range of cut fruit. Special Take Away formats and products designed and packaged for horeca and retail professionals. All natural, with the best quality and with a studied traceability.


Fresquitos Kids, a new natural and healthy concept designed for the children.

Eating fruit from the hand of our pet Fresquitos will be easy and fun!

The Fresquitos Kids has watermelon, melon and pineapple sticks with a format that children love … comfortable and very striking.

For school lunches or snacks we have a pack of fruit + cereals + yogurt with different varieties or also the cups take away from fruit washed, cut and ready to drink.

Natural juices with different fruits can complete breakfast or snack.

It has never been so comfortable and easy for kids to eat and drink fruit.

Welcome to the world Fresquitos Kids!


Norma IFS

(International Food Standard)

Certificación ISO 9001

(Bureau Veritas Certification)

Quality Fruits & Vegetables

We produce and sell Fruits and Vegetables for more than 75 years.

horeca products

About Us

Human Nature

Gustavo Ferrada has more than70 years of experience in the sale and distribution of Oranges. The commercialization of more than 75 million kg of citrus per year acts as a guarantor for the quality, the guarantee and the good service of this company.

Gustavo Ferrada is a company dedicated to the commercialization and export of fruits and vegetables in the national and international market. The Headquarter  of the group Gustavo Ferrada, is located in the seaside town of Burriana in Castellón, city with a long tradition in the orange production  and export thanks to its excellent geographic position and climatic conditions. The Central located in Burriana 1 km from the exit No. 48 of the AP-7, has among other services, a cooling chamber with capacity for 250,000 kg.

With our different brands or through the brands of our customers, we commerzialise and export fruit and vegetables in the national and international market.

Gustavo Ferrada, is possible thanks to a team of the highest level , trained, prepared and committed to the company.

Professionals who from de very beginning, combine their efforts and their know-how to ensure the products reach their destination with all their freshness and the largest and most demanding of qualities.

The company has a commercial network which lets to attend all the demands of its clients quickly, professionally and directly, a network which grows every day  with the aim of providing a more complete and competitive service wherever its brands are present.



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